Are personalised number plates cool or tacky?

To answer this question, knowing a bit of background information about personalised number plates is essential. Private number plates have several advantages, and although finding a reasonably priced one may be difficult these days, you will love them once they are fitted to your vehicle.

Benefits of Personalised Number Plates

Finding a personalised number plate is not all that easy and depending on what you want, the price can get a bit high. Although a personalised number plate doesn’t come cheap, you will probably find that the price you pay for it is totally worth it for the benefits it brings. Here are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy by having a personalised number plate of your own:

  1. It adds class to your vehicle

Aside from the colour, style and overall appearance of your vehicle, most people will look at your plate if it’s extraordinary compared to other vehicles. A uniquely designed number plate can bring a sense of luxury and exquisiteness as it shows your personality and style. It instantly becomes a source of attraction despite its small size.

  1. Sets you apart

Being set apart from the ordinary is not bad at all when it comes to special vehicle number plates. There is nothing wrong about expressing yourself and it gets better with a good-looking, personalised number plate.

  1. It can be a great gift

If you have a friend or a loved one who is an automobile enthusiast, giving a personalized number plate as a gift can surely lift their spirits. There is no greater gift than a unique, expression of oneself mounted on his very own vehicle.

  1. It can promote your business

Having a personalised number plate can also be useful in promoting your business. A special vehicle number plate can indirectly promote your business and it’s a great supplement to your current advertising and marketing technique. Make sure, however, to make the design attractive and impressive to attract more clients.

  1. It can be a great investment

A personalised number plate may also be used as an investment. Most cars with personalised plates are sold at higher prices than those with ordinary plates. In the end, specially-designed personalised number plates can increase the value of your vehicle.

  1. It can be passed on for generations

Are you looking for something you can pass on to your family’s next generation? Many years ago, people used to pass on precious stones or jewellery as family heirlooms. Today, one of the best things to pass on is something that is not only cool but can also showcase your family’s legacy.

Are Personalised Number Plates Cool or Tacky?

With all of this information in mind, there’s no doubt in our minds that personalised plates are cool. However, take all the necessary precautions and be sure to get them from a legitimate provider and don’t forget to be creative.

Where to buy a personalised number plate

We all go through that phase of wanting a new car. It might last a few weeks, until we suddenly realise that this would mean going into lots of debt and eventually, the novelty of that new car would wear off anyway. The great thing is, there are many different things that we can do to customise the current car that we have. This will not only make it look better to everyone that we drive past, but it will make it feel more personal. At this point, buying a new car might not seem like such a great idea. Here is the thing; personalised number plates can usually help to make a car feel much more personal.

What Are Personalised Reg Plates?

Personalised reg plates are number plates that are special in terms of the characters that make them. Every year, a new plate will come out in a certain format, which makes all other cars look extremely boring. This is where the personalised plate is great. It is different to any of the standardised plates that you see on new cars. Essentially, they help a car to stand out from the crowd a great deal. Just imagine 100 cars lined up in a row. The one with the personalised plate is certainly going to be the one that stands out from the rest of them.

The video below from shows some great personalised number plates.

Where Can You Get Them?

The market for personalised plates has grown considerably over the last 5 years or so. Nowadays, you can get them from hundreds of different places. In fact, check the likes of eBay and you will find that there are auctions for plates going on right now. Here is the thing though; finding a good plate at auction can be incredibly difficult. The best option you have is to search through Google for the top UK suppliers of these plates. They will be able to offer a huge range of plates that are directly suited to what you need. Regardless of whether it is your personal name or business name that you are after, there will be something suitable available.

We recommend searching the following sites:

DVLA Registrations – the DVLA’s official website selling millions of plates from just £250.

DVLA Auctions – to preview which plates are coming up for auction soon.

Plate Trader - a private number plate classifieds website.

Ebay number plates – to see what people are auctioning.

DVLA Dealers – the list of approved DVLA dealers.


The first part of the process is to set a budget for your plate. If you do this, then you will be able to short list plates extremely easy. If you have a loose budget, then you are going to find it much harder to find a plate. As a guideline, those plates that are considered high quality are priced at 500 or more. Most people would consider number plates that are over 5,000 and more to be premium number plates and therefore, there might be a lot of competition in order for you to win them. Consider this before setting your budget.

How Much Are They?

This is the tricky part. You could spend £250 or you could spend £25,000. All plates have different prices and sometimes it can be difficult to tell which plates offer the best value for money. The value of a plate is ultimately whatever you are willing to pay, so do your research and choose wisely.